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Bow Financial is a leading Private Equity Management Firm providing services to institutional clients, such as mutual, pension funds, hedge funds, charitable trusts and sovereign wealth funds, as well as Private clients around the globe.  From our international headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, we have developed a robust reputation within the investment industry for providing unrivalled access to private equity transactions and achieving above average rates of return for our clients.

From our institutional tradition, Bow Financial has extended the scope of our services to include private individuals and their families, providing unique and unrivalled access to the same private equity transactions that are usually reserved for major financial institutions.

At Bow Financial we focus on research and strategy, ensuring that the recommendations we provide not only enable our clients to access the right investment at the right time, but critically, we devise a clear and concise defined exit strategy to ensure our clients returns are maximized within an established timeframe.

Our team has considerable emerging market knowledge and extensive industry insight that enables us to establish successful, long-term mutually beneficial business relationships. Our proven proficiency in Private Equity is not only based on our exceptional levels of service, but also on the strength and success of our recommendations.  With many years of investment industry experience, Bow Financial’s team are ready to work with you to help you access institutional level transactions, whether you are a major fund manager or a private investor.

about us

Bow Financial is a Tokyo based Private Equity Management Firm, working on behalf of private and institutional clients. Our team combines excellence in both operational capacity and investment success.

We blend our industry experience, working capital and knowledge when undertaking every investment we make. We do not just advise you, but we work with you as a partner.  We believe we are the investment department of your business or the financial branch of your extended family

From our institutional background, today also we manage private individuals’ entrusted capital.  Bow Financials approach dictates that we never stop pursuing growth by continually researching new investment opportunities.

Having built the company from the ground upwards to the prominent Private Equity Management Firm we are today, we believe this success has been achieved by constantly investing in our staff.  We believe our team are the engine that has driven Bow Financial to where we are today, and will drive us to continued success in the future.

Our Values

Bow Financial has many years of collective industry experience and we understand that this experience has been fundamental to our success.  Whilst this experience provides us with our foundation, it is our values that have guided us to make correct and successful decisions over the years:

  • • Deliver what we promise
  • • Be fair, honest and transparent
  • • Respect our clients at all times
  • • Manage our clients’ money as if it were our own
  • • Work as a team
  • • Build mutually beneficial long-term relationships
  • • Provide the highest levels of service
  • • Deliver consistent percentage returns

Our Focus

Bow Financial invests across a multitude of market places and the various sectors within the global markets. No matter what we invest in, or where that investment is located globally, our specialists always look carefully at the risk to reward ratios of any prospective investment.

Bow Financial provides critical day-to day monitoring of the markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   We have insightful knowledge of various sectors of the global economy, such as:

  • • Advance Materials
  • • Consumer Technology
  • • Minerals & Mining
  • • Telecommunications
  • • Leisure & Tourism

For more information please contact your Advisor at Bow Financial.

Our Difference

What makes Bow Financial different?

Unlike our competitors, Bow Financial will only ever bring a limited number of high return-low risk investment situations to our clients every year.  This demonstrates the resources and energy that we place in every single recommendation we move forward with, enabling us to develop your portfolio in a strong and structured way.

Every specific investment we recommend is the result of many hours of research.  We review thousands of situations every year, yet only a select few meet all of our criteria.  We look for the potential to show significant returns whilst minimizing any risk.

Bow Financial are hands on investors, regularly being the first if not the sole institutional investor to make a move into companies at an early stage.  By being the first mover and holding this position, we and our clients gain the all-important competitive edge.  We continually manage our investments to ensure they realize their potential, allowing our clients to sit back and watch their investments rise towards financial maturity and maximum profits.

Bow Financial continuously monitors market sectors which we know are strongest growth sectors.  Together with our in-depth market and sector knowledge across all global investment arenas provides, this provides all our clients with the highest likelihood of exceeding their investment goals and aspirations.

Our Services

Bow Financial invests exclusively in Equities, especially over looked and undervalued companies that are set to show outstanding capital growth.  This applies whether they are a public or private entity, and wherever they are located in the world.

We look for companies that produce positive EBITDA or have a definite path to achieving positive EBITDA within 3 years.  We look for solid revenue streams, with the scope to expand.  Bow Financial’s open investment policy allows our experts to follow a wide range of Equity Growth Opportunities. This includes:

  • • Acquisitions
  • • Consolidations
  • • Control Acquisitions
  • • Capitalizations
  • • Direct Equity Financing
  • • Management Buy-Outs
  • • Mergers
  • • Recapitalizations
  • • Restructurings

Bow Financial has the ability and aptitude to take advantage of the investment opportunities that our team of experts have identified and fully researched

Investment Model

Bow Financial seeks investment opportunities that demonstrate the following features.  These are Bow Financial’s investment fundamentals which we know are vital elements to any successfully high return-low risk investment.

Competitive Investment Advantages

We focus on identifying companies across all markets, in every sector that we have a belief will outperform the market.  Companies must have a product or service that differentiates them from their competition and fulfills the needs of their customers.

A Proven Delivery Model

Bow Financial seeks to invest in companies with proven products, services and core technologies.  In addition, we look for a capacity to expand their business to meet the ever growing requirements of their target market.

Recurring Revenues

Bow Financial conducts wide-ranging research on the business or company’s fundamentals. We track companies with steady cash-flow and strong growth, preferably those with established recurring revenue business streams.  This simple financial modeling technique has been responsible for some of our best and most successful short, mid and long-term investments.

Qualified Management

At Bow Financial, we believe that quality management is essential to the success of any company.  We believe that it increases the likelihood of success and is a major factor in deciding whether to make an investment.  Leadership is the driving force behind our success, and we believe in its importance to the success of the investments we make.

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